Safe Methods to Get Your Credit Report

AnnualCreditReport.ComCredit card be deceiving and you have learned some of how it can cause you problems. To protect yourself from those harmful credit card scam, you need to get your credit report of your credit card usage. Getting the coppies of those credit card reports is enough. You just need to look at these reports to know how it looks like before you can start to repair it.

Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion as the major agencies for credit card collect your credit activities and write it down as your credit report. It should be easy to get your credit card report.

Usually credit card users can ask for a copy of their credit card report once in a year, though the credit card agencies are actually obliged to give you free copy of your credit report. You can get exception if your credit card company gives you “adverse action”, for example declining your application for new credit or insurance, or even on your employment. It can only caused by your credit status, so you can ask for a free report with 60 days of notice.

Your Credit Report

Requesting for a free report in once a year is also possible for:

  • Unemployed who are looking for new employment in the next 60 days
  • Those who are living on welfare
  • Those with problems of errors of credit report or those with case of fraud or identity theft

Getting credit report from Credit File Disclosure in is what Federal Trade Commission will recommend you. This form is from those three major credit agencies. It just take you to give information on your resident state and press the “request report” button to start the online application.

This online way can save your time for it gives your Credit Report right after your ID verification  that only requires your birthday and SS number. If find any trouble, you can call 1(877)322-8228 or put your completed request form into an envelop and send it to Annual Credit Report Request Services, located in P.O Box 105281, Atlanta, GA 30348. If the online method gives you immediate report, calling or mailing your report will take two weeks for you to receive your credit report.

Every credit card user is allowed to get free credit reports from three major credit agencies at the same time, or if they want to receive their report one of a time, they can can get one report from one agency at different time. You can find it useful when you stumble into credit problem and trying to repair it. Getting one report from one credit agency in every 4 months helps you to monitor your progress in repairing your credit.

If you have other reasons that make you required for your credit report, FTC suggests the Annual Credit Report.Com. Remember to contact your credit agencies only on that address for you can put yourself into high risk of identity theft or extra charge if you use different address to get in touch with the agencies.


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